Solo (Jung-Yi Wang) is a versatile musician. A Film Composer /Pianist / Audio Engineer from Taiwan who love to bring great music to people. Started playing classical piano at the age of 6, which opened the doors of his splendid music life. And his great interest in composing was revealed at early stage of his life. In his childhood, he enjoyed creating his own music for video games he played. From listening and transcribing soundtracks and classic pieces of the maestros’, Solo draws inspiration from Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel, Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Joe Hisaishi, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

As a undergraduate student majoring in film making, Solo scored lots of pieces of music for his own movies, which drew instructors’ attention. With the recommendations from his professors, he started scoring for TV commercials and programs. Later, working with some individual directors and visual art designers, he created more soundtracks for short films, animations, and interactive websites. He also fell in love with jazz piano, which was inspired by Bill Evans and thus he determined to study abroad.

In 2011, Solo enrolled in Musicians Institute (MI) (Hollywood, Los Angeles) to pursue his dream. Working with some of the world’s greatest musicians of the time, such as, Russell Ferrante, Carlton Schroeder, Carlos Campos, Jeff Colella, Luke Miller, he was deeply inspired by all kinds of music, including jazz, fusion, blues, funk, R&B, and pop which brought in new elements to his pieces. His experience at MI sharpened his skills in MIDI orchestrating and audio engineering (recording, mixing, and mastering).

In 2013, Solo started studying at UCLA Extension Film Scoring program. During this 21-month-long program, Solo had many great opportunities to work with top composers, orchestrators, players in Hollywood, including 6 times Emmy Winner-Mark Watters, Charles Bernstein, Thom Sharp, Jonathan Merrill, and Charles Fernandez. At the same time, Solo did an internship at Remote Control Production (R.C.P.), which is lead by the world-famous Mr. Hans Zimmer.

Currently, Solo is building his music career, scoring for films and TV series, producing instrumental fusion jazz album, playing in the Christian rock band (Doma Carta).